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Teaching Shakespeare, Stage Combat, and New Play Development at the Kibera School for Girls in Kenya

Teaching at my favorite performing arts school, Marymount Manhattan College.

Teaching Artist


Brooke is a professional actor, who is passionate about helping her students experience meaningful growth. As an Adjunct Professor of Acting at Marymount Manhattan College, she gets to work with some of the countries finest young actors. Additionally, she has taught at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, as well as with International students from Thailand, in NYC and with young actors in Kenya.

Acting Coach

Brooke works with private students, small groups and leads workshops. She coaches a wide variety of skills including movement, voice, audition technique and professionalization. Contact her for rates.

Quotes from Students


"Utilizing a wide range of techniques, such as Laban, yoga, and a psychological actor warm-down, Brooke’s training helped me become a better actress, and a more well-rounded person. She holds you to a high standard, and in doing so, not only creates a professional atmosphere, but enables you to keep your goals just as high. She’s an excellent teacher, who cares about her students as people in addition to performers. The differences in performance, professionalization, and preparedness before and after Brooke's training are remarkable."

- LIz Mattera, Marymount Manhattan College

"Brooke’s attention to detail pairs beautifully with her compassion. As her student, I was always appreciative of her acknowledgement that we all learn in different ways. That being said, she never let me off the hook. She encouraged me to find another path to get what I need whether it be for an objective in a scene, or something in my life. She is a wonder woman."

-Jordan Tyson, Marymount Manhattan College

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