With utter fearlessness, the cast of Bar Dykes engages the senses with near-perfect timing, emotion, and vulnerability... Brilliantly acted by Brooke M. Haney... the cast shines in a true ensemble performance - Advocate

The cast completely commits to the tone and cadence of the text, honoring the characters’ individual truths with sparkling emotional depth. ...It’s a joy I don’t want to ever end.

- Arts Forum, Jess Barbagallo on Bar Dykes.

Haney plays Dee Dee artfully as a high-strung, naive dreamer. - The Boston Globe
This play is an actor's dream, a director's challenge and an audience's delight. ...two actresses -- Susan Bigger (Alberta) and Brooke M. Haney (Dee Dee) are perfect. - The Edge Boston 


Brooke is a New York based theatre artist who has worked regionally in Seattle, Boston, Orlando, and Kentucky as well as internationally. They have a passion for classical text and new play development. They graduated from the University of Central Florida with their MFA in Performance and studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Brooke is an Adjunct Professor of Acting at Marymount Manhattan College. AEA, SAG/AFTRA.

Current Projects

Only Make Believe

Since 1999, OMB has been performing for children in hospitals across New York City and Washington DC. Our mission is very simple, to give joy and inspiration to as many sick children as we can. Our unique way of doing this is to bring professional actors into hospital wards to entertain the children with specially created plays designed for their needs and to encourage their participation. Brooke joined the acting company of OMB in 2018. Check out their new initiative during COVID-19 Online Make Believe!

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Rajiv Joseph

directed by Tyler Riley and Cameron Cueva Clarke

intimacy choreography by Brooke M. Haney

with Company of Fools

May 15-24th on Live and Streaming

A Gun, A Knife and A Toothbrush

by Tori Hersant

directed by Neka Knowles

intimacy choreography by Brooke M. Haney

at Marymount Manhattan College

May 15-16th on Zoom


Making Bank with Charlotte Lewis

by Chloe Schneider

directed by Sydney Weiser

intimacy choreography by Brooke M. Haney

at Marymount Manhattan College

May 15-16th on Zoom



Recent Projects 


The Emperor's New(er) Clothes

by John Mabey

directed by Brooke M. Haney

at Marymount Manhattan College

Dec 11-13

The Emperor has no clothes, at least nothing that connects with their identity. A modern twist on a classic tale about responsibility to self and others, acceptance, and love in its many forms. Contains an element of audience interaction on Zoom. Email for tickets. 

The Return of the Huxtables

Directed by Ben Abel-Bey

Watch Episode

“Ms. Haney brings physical strength and emotional vulnerability to this challenging role.” - New York Theatre Review

“Kiss Me Or Cut Off My Head is a sensitive portrayal of the physical, emotional, and often economic trauma of sexual violence.” - New York Theatre Review