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Intimacy Coordination - TV/Film

Lavel Schley and Olivia Luccardi in East New York (1).jpg

Intimacy Coordination - TV


Working on TV and streaming content resonates with me, because I know that the audience is going to get to know these characters and invest in them. It means that, as an intimacy coordinator, I need to make sure that we are honoring both the character's past and the future the writers are planning for them in episodes that are yet to be written. Additionally, I love that TV reaches wide audiences and is an incredible opportunity for representation, so I'm especially excited to work on projects that are intentionally telling stories stories we haven't seen enough and stories that matter.

Proud to have worked for CBS, Warner Brothers, Peacock, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ and more. 

Harlem Grace Byers and Juani Feliz

Grace Byers and Juani Feliz in Harlem on Amazon Prime. 

Lavel Schley and Olivia Luccardi in East New York on CBS.  

Mayor of Kingstown Jeremy Renner and Callie Thorne

Jeremy Renner and Callie Thorne in
Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+.

The best man Taye Diggs and Nia Long.png

Taye Diggs and Nia Long in
The Best Man: The Final Chapters on Peacock.


Herd starring Ellen Adair and Mitzi Akaha

Intimacy Coordination - Film

Short films have the incredible opportunity to ask a question and simply leave it there. Because they can be produced quickly and on a lower budget, they are a playground for underrepresented stories and as a result, they have been some of my favorite projects. Short films are very often someone's passion project. Personally, I'm passionate about queer stories and I love that I can support both queer stories and other people's passions with a quick turn around that has the potential to reach a huge audience. 

The directors and producers who have brought me on for feature films have been invested in me as an artistic collaborator, a choreographer of intimacy. I've been very lucky that they are already so invested in consent that they can see beyond what I can do for their HR department and look to bring me into the work on a deep level. This has been particularly fulfilling for me when working on queer stories and I am galvanized to increase representation and realism in the queer sex we see represented. 

Ellen Adair as Jamie Miller and Mitzi Akaha as Alex Kanai kiss_edited.jpg

Ellen Adair and Mitzi Akaha in Herd.

Jenn Harris and Louis Cancelmi in She's Clean

Jenn Harris and Louis Cancelmi in She's Clean

Michael Emery and David J. Cork in Birder.

New Lives directed by Joey Schweitzer.jpg

Weronika Wozniak and Bart Blachino in New Lives

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