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Deadline June 2024

Scene 2 Seen Podcast: Intimacy Coordinator Brooke M. Haney On The Language Of Intimacy In Hollywood

"As for Haney’s The Intimacy Coordinator’s Guidebook, it reveals how intimacy coordinators use their cultural competencies and specialties to create the most compelling storytelling. The job requires competency in the language of choreography — every move performed for the camera or a live audience, from a passionate kiss to a chilling assault, is meticulously choreographed, just like a dance or a fight scene — along with training in tools like modesty garments and props." 

The AU Review June 2024

Film Review: Birder is a grisly, queer chiller that offers refreshing conversation and genre thrills

"Birder‘s frank openness regarding sexuality and consent is refreshing in the realms of today’s cinema, even for a queer-set film. There’s a relaxed attitude to the act of sex and a refreshing lack of shame regarding anyone’s kinks"

Dread Central June 2024

‘Birder’ Review: New Queer Erotic Thriller Bares It All

"Ultimately, Birder is one of 2024’s indie hidden gems that deserves love for how daring the entire team was in crafting a smart, devious erotic thriller navigating kink, sex, intimacy, and identity. This film is the perfect example of why queer filmmakers should be trusted with queer narratives; a deep love and care about a subject often leads to genuine and nuanced storytelling."

US Weekly May 2024

Intimacy Coordinator Who Worked on ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ and More Dishes on Choreographing Sex Scenes (Exclusive)

"As one of the first intimacy professionals to be recognized by SAG-AFTRA, Brooke M. Haney has become the go-to when it comes to choreographing sexually charged scenes."

IndieWire May 2024

Intimacy Coordinators and Mental Health: How Hollywood Wants to Protect Your Body and Mind

“It’s about just taking care of people that we work with,” Haney said. “From a production and business standpoint, it will save time, which then saves you money. When someone isn’t in mental health crisis, if you have put in place ways for people to take care of themselves, that’s going to be super helpful and allow actors to have a sustainable career.”

The Morning Show 2024

A New Role In Hollywood: The Me Too Movement lead to a rise in Intimacy Coordinators 

"Helping Hollywood make these positive changes has seen the introduction of Intimacy Coordinators, a certified practitioner  who assist in choreographing intimate moments. and safeguarding the stars when they’re exposed and vulnerable. To tell us more, we said hello to professional Intimacy Coordinator and author Brooke M. Haney”


Top 10 Films April 2024

Interview: Intimacy Coordinator Brooke Haney On Art & Advocacy

“The Intimacy Choreographer’s Handbook emerges as an indispensable tool for directors and producers seeking to engage intimacy professionals. Moreover, it serves as an enriching resource for aspiring and practicing intimacy coordinators, fostering deeper understanding and proficiency within the realm of performance intimacy."

Out Front Magazine April 2024

Intimacy Coordinator Specializing in Queer Stories Releases Book

"Queer narratives are incredibly important for visibility and representation. However, queer media often falls short in producing intimate scenes that feel real. Queer intimacy in media can feel forced, run by the male gaze, or unnatural. Haney’s specialization in queer stories can meditate on this issue and create sex scenes that feel authentic and free of stereotypes."

Queer Forty September 2023

First look: Erotic LGBTQ+ thriller, Birder

"The production hired leading intimacy coordinator Brooke Haney (Harlem) and Chelsea Pace (A Strange Loop on Broadway), creating the best possible environment for this challenging set." 


Screen Rant September 2023

Queer Thriller Birder Releases Tension-Filled Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]

"Despite the short filming time and low budget, Dushku outlined the caution with which the material was approached, with the help of intimacy coordinators Brooke Haney and Chelsea Pace."

Abc7NY February 2023

Intimacy Coordinators Pioneering Ethical Approach to Filming Intimate Scenes in Hollywood

"The Intimacy Coordinator's job doesn't necessarily end when filming stops."


Classical NY Reviews April 2019

Broken Grace: Company of Fools' Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

"With stellar intimacy direction by Brooke M. Haney... Danny and the Deep Blue Sea transforms from a problem play to an explosive exploration of unexpected grace."


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