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The Intimacy Coordinator's Guidebook:
Specialties for Stage and Screen


The Intimacy Coordinator's Guidebook: Specialties for Stage and Screen will be published early 2024 by Routledge Publishing.It is the first book on advanced intimacy choreography for theatre, film and television.


Just as one would not expect every stunt coordinator to be an expert at rigging, water and scenes of fire, intimacy coordinators, at an advanced level, also have specialties. The book addresses scope of practice, competencies, finding your lens, specialities,  qualifications and hopes for the future.


I wrote several chapters (and edited the book), and have included chapters written by fellow industry professionals. Between chapters is a conversation with an actor, director or producer on their experiences working with an intimacy coordinator. I cannot wait for you to read it.​

The Intimacy Coordinator's Guidebook includes contributions from:

Chelsea Pace - Forward

Chels Morgan - Cultural Coordinators

Cha Ramos in conversation with Eli Lynn, Siobhan Richardson, and Rachel Flesher- Intimacy and Violence

Amanda Edwards - Mental Health Coordinators

Cessalee Stovall - International Considerations

Kim Shively - Working with Minors

Katherine Blouse and me - Working with Fat Actors

Kaja Dunn - Black American Intimacy 

Raja Benz, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Leo Mock and me- Queer Intimacy

Olivia Troy - BDSM 

Megan Gilron and me - Rope Scenes

Amy Northup - Sexual Violence and Non-Consent 

Sara Lozoff, Nicole Perry and me - Dance

Amanda Cutting - Prosthetics 

Ann James and me - The Intimacy Captain

Laura Rikard - Adapting Your Process 

The Intimacy Coordinator's Guidebook includes conversations with:

Nesta Cooper

Grace Byers

Ryan J. Haddad
Jen Ponton

Tai Leshaun

Becca Blackwell


Michael Emery

Nate Dushku

Amnon Lourie

Olivia Luccardi

Jimmy Smits

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